With the best of time-honoured Chinese cuisines in mind, our group establishment whole-heartedly introduce to Singaporeans and foreign visitors alike the most authentic versions of Provincial food from China. Our restaurants offer the most original food genres like Sichuan, Hunan, Southern Chinese and Eastern Chinese cuisines, which are extremely well-liked by food lovers across the Greater China.

The Restaurant attempts to combine the best of both local Singaporean flavours with Provincial variations. Our food items are not only unique in tastes, but also creative in their presentations. We believe in providing our guests with a holistic dining experience that offers both excellent food range and top-class service standards.


Created locally by a food-loving couple, Tian Bao Szechuan Kitchen (known as “天寶閣” in Chinese) is a daring and fearless F&B venture with the humble aim of bringing good food to residents and visitors alike. With authentic Sichuan cuisine as a focal point, the restaurants constantly innovate iconic food items to integrate with local tastes.

Since the very beginning, we have chosen to be down-to-earth and adhere to our core business values for our F&B names:

  • Best Food Materials
  • Authentic Food Style
  • Genuine Service
  • Passionate Innovation