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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Mingqiu Di Zaobao on October 17th.


In European football last night, the Parisian defeated Nimes 4-0. In the absence of Neymar, Mbappé provoked the lead and scored twice to help the team win.


Domestically, the Chinese Super League returned after a rest period. Tianjin TEDA, which had not won a previous match, made a heavy blow in the relegation battle. Achim Peng also scored twice and led the team to defeat Shenzhen Kaisa 2-0. New aid Suarez was pleasantly surprised. Defending champion Guangzhou Evergrande scored three goals in a row when he lost one goal first. Wei Shihao, who returned from injury, performed well.

在国内,中国超级联赛经过一段时间的休息后又回来了。此前没有赢得过比赛的天津泰达在保级战役中遭受了沉重打击。彭亚欣(Achim Peng)也得分两次,带领球队以2-0击败深圳凯萨。新援苏亚雷斯惊喜地发现。卫冕冠军广州恒大首次丢入一球后连续打进三球。受伤回来的魏世浩表现良好。

This afternoon and evening will usher in many exciting duels, the Super League


Please see the details below.


At 19:35 on October 16, Beijing time, in the second stage of the Chinese Super League Championship, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao played against Hebei China Fortune, the referee was Shi Zhenlu. In the first half, Pan Ximing was suspected to have escaped with a handball in the penalty area, and Yin Hongbo scored a long shot. In the second half, Wu Shaocong equalized the score, Wei Shihao made a point, Exon made 亚搏网appa penalty, Wei Shihao scored in stoppage time. In the end, Evergrande 3-1 Hebei.


At 15:30 on October 16th, Beijing time, in the second stage of the Chinese Super League relegation group match, Tianjin Teda played against Shenzhen Kaisa. The referee of the match was Ma Ning. In the first half, TEDA's counterattack was effective soon after the start. Guowei attacked and failed to clear the siege. Achim Peng pushed an empty goal to help TEDA open the situation. Then Suarez repeatedly tried to find opportunities. In the second half, Achim Peng scored single-handedly and Teng Shangkun repeatedly. To resolve the threat, TEDA eventually defeated Shenzhen 2-0.

北京时间10月16日15:30,在中国超级联赛降级小组赛的第二阶段,天津泰达队对阵深圳凯萨队。比赛的裁判是马宁。在上半年,泰达的反击在开始后即刻生效。国威发动进攻,但未能清除包围。彭明(Achim Peng)提出了一个空洞的目标,以帮助泰达解决局势。然后苏亚雷斯反复尝试寻找机会。下半场,彭于晏单人得分,滕尚坤屡屡得分。为了解决威胁,泰达最终以2-0击败深圳。

At 3:00 on October 17th, Beijing time, in the 7th round of Ligue 1, Paris Saint-Germain challenged Nimes away. In the first half, Paredes was unable to insist on being substituted due to injury. Landry kicked Rafinha and was sent off by the referee. Herrera's header was saved and Mbappe swung past the goalkeeper and shot. Scored, Keane single-handedly saved. In the second half, Mbappé’s shot from a small angle was blocked, Florenzi hit the post twice, then Florenzi scored with a header, Mbappé scored with a single shot, Saravia scored with a low shot, and finally, Paris 4 -0 defeated Nimes.

北京时间10月17日3:00,在第7轮Ligue 1比赛中,巴黎圣日耳曼挑战了尼姆。上半场,帕雷德斯由于受伤无法坚持被替换。兰德里踢了拉菲尼亚,被裁判判罚。埃雷拉的头球被扑出,姆巴佩转身越过门将射门。进球,基恩一人扑出。下半场,姆巴佩从一个小角度的射门被阻拦,弗洛伦齐两次上篮得分,然后弗洛伦齐用头球得分,姆巴佩单射得分,萨拉维亚低射得分,最后巴黎4-0击败尼姆。

Spurs official news, Swansea defender Joe Rowton joined the team, the two sides will sign until June 2025, the players will wear the No. 14 shirt.


On October 16, Manchester United coach Solskjaer stated at a press conference that Pogba will stay at Manchester United for at least another two years.


On October 16, Beijing time, former Manchester City player Sabaletta posted on social media announcing his retirement.


Real Madrid officially announced that the team's midfielder Erdgau suffered a soleus injury in his right leg.


When DiMazio talked about the transfer story related to Messi in his new book "Gran Hotel Calciomercato", he revealed that Real Madrid had intended to introduce Messi in 2013 but was rejected by Messi.

当迪马齐奥(DiMazio)在他的新书《格兰饭店卡尔乔梅卡托(Gran Hotel Calciomercato)》中谈到与梅西有关的转会故事时,他透露皇家马德里原本打算在2013年引进梅西,但遭到梅西的拒绝。

On October 16, Beijing time, according to news from the Italian media football market network, German midfielder Khedira has rejected some contract offers, and he insisted on staying at Juventus, which made the Bianconeri management feel very angry.


Manchester City coach Guardiola attended the pre-match press conference against Arsenal. He said: "De Bruyne cannot play against Arsenal."


In the first round of the championship group, Evergrande defeated Hebei China Fortune 3-1, and Wei Shihao, who came off the bench in the second half, made points + scored to change the situation. In an interview after the game, Wei Shihao also talked about his new hairstyle.


According to reporter Qiu Yejin, Evergrande defender Gao Zhunyi was replaced due to injury during the match with the Hebei team tonight. He is currently diagnosed 亚搏网appwith a right knee injury.


On October 9th, Beijing time, the AFC official announced that this season's AFC Champions League final will be held in Doha, Qatar on December 19.


According to the content of "Inter Milan News", Inter Milan star Luisito Suarez (Luisito Suarez) said that Suning has no cultural heritage, they don't understand the ball, only know the money, th亚搏游戏下载appe current Inter Milan is completely different from the previous Inter Milan. Suarez also said that Conte always keeps asking, and if he is not satisfied, he threatens to resign.

根据《国际米兰新闻》的内容,国际米兰球星路易斯·苏亚雷斯(Luisito Suarez)表示,苏宁没有文化底蕴,他们不了解球,只知道钱,目前国际米兰与此前的国际米兰。苏亚雷斯还说,孔戴一直在问,如果他不满意,他威胁要辞职。

Korean media Insight recently praised Sun Xingmin’s father, Sun Xiongzheng. He persuaded Sun Xingmin to build a sports park instead of buying a house.

韩国媒体《 Insight》最近赞扬了孙兴民的父亲孙雄政。他说服孙兴民建了运动公园,而不是买房。

In the second round of the South American World Cup preliminaries, Peru was reversed by Brazil 2-4 at home, Neymar made two points, and Peruvian defender Zambrano left the field with an elbow on Risalizon at the end. Zambrano said in an interview that Neymar was a clown to him, and he also apologized for elbowing Risa Lisson.


After Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with the new crown virus, this has aroused worldwide attention. Of course, as Ronaldo's mother, Dolores is naturally very concerned about his son's recovery. Early this morning, Beijing time, Dolores posted a screenshot of her video call with Ronaldo.


Courtois recently talked about Ter Stegen and Oblak in an interview with Sear Radio, and said that Ter Stegen’s abilities at the feet are very good.

Courtois最近在接受Sear Radio采访时谈到了Ter Stegen和Oblak,并说Ter Stegen的脚下能力非常好。

A few days ago, Messi said in an interview with "Garganta Poderosa" that he is no longer obsessed with scoring. In addition, he also said that he hopes to use the cham亚搏游戏下载apppionship to c亚搏网appomfort people in the epidemic.

几天前,梅西在接受“ Garganta Poderosa”采访时说,他不再沉迷于得分。此外,他还说,他希望利用冠军赛来缓解这一流行病中的人们。

15: 30 CSL Dalian people vs Shijiazhuang Yongchang

15: 30 CS LD阿联people vs Shijiazhuang Yong长

21:30 Bundesliga Hoffenheim vs dott

21:30德甲霍芬海姆vs dott

22:00 Premier League Chelsea vs Southampton


22:00 selta La Liga vs Atletico


0:30 德甲 比勒费尔德vs拜仁

0:30 德甲 比勒费尔德vs拜仁

0:30 La Liga Real Madrid vs Cadiz


2: 45 Serie A krotone vs Juve


3:00 Premier League Newcastle vs Manchester United


3: Hertafe vs Barcelona


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