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   Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 3rd, title: The spring of school sports is here


  -"Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving School Sports Work in the New Era" in the industry


Xinhua reporters wang Jingyu, Ma Bangjie and Lu Xingji

ξ年华reporters网jin关于, MA bang姐and lux ing急

"Sports subjects are at the same level as language, mathematics, and foreigners. It is normal. In my mind, its importance is far more important than other subjects." Talking about the "Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving School Sports Work in the New Era" in my mind. "(Hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions") and Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health, and Arts of the Ministry of Education, stated that physical education should gradually reach the same scores as language, mathematics, and foreign in the high school entrance examination. Xiao Suhua of the teacher said.

“体育学科与语言,数学和外国人处于同一水平。这很正常。在我看来,它的重要性远比其他学科重要。”我脑海中浮现的是《关于全面加强和改进新时期学校体育工作的意见》。 “(以下简称“亚搏网app意见”)教育部体育,卫生和艺术部主任王登峰表示,体育教育应逐步达到与语言,数学和外国语言相同的分数。高中入学考试老师肖素华说。

   In Teacher Xiao’s view, as the burden of schoolwork continues to increase, children’s health quality is declining, and the frequency of psychological problems is increasing. Strengthening school physical education is the key means to deal with these two problems.


"Sports is not only physical exercise, but also mental growth and the experience of young people participating in social activities. This is what many children lack now." Xiao Suhua said, "Sports is not just a discipline like language, mathematics, and foreign language, but also An aspect of moral, intellectual, physical, and artistic labor. The educational function of physical education must be completed not only through physical education courses, but also through physical activities, physical exercises and sports competitions. In the growth process of young people, regardless of physical, psychological and intellectual development In physical education, exercise, and competition, they can be given different opportunities. This is not just what can be done in class and scores."


   Mao Zhenming, former dean of the School of Physical Education of Beijing Normal University, has studied school sports policies for many years. He noticed that the new document mentioned the reform of physical education, clearly pointed out that students should be taught one or two special sports skills in the compulsory education stage, put forward the goal of "teaching, practice, regular competition", and emphasized the need to strengthen school physical education. training. Such substantive content was rare in the past, and it deserves a special book.


   Another part of the "Opinions" that made Mao Zhenming's eyes shine was "trying to implement a third-party mediation mechanism for student sports activities safety incidents." He said: "After a problem, the principal cannot talk directly with the physical education teacher. A third-亚搏游戏下载appparty authority must be introduced. The third-party authority should be composed of four kinds of people: There should be an old principal who understands the school education regulations; A special-grade physical education teacher who knows all the rules of physical education and sports safety; there should be a medical expert, maybe an orthopedic doctor, or a cardiologist, who can judge what caused the accident; in addition, there must be a law An expert in this field, he knows how to identify legal liabilities at the legal level. If a third-party adjustment mechanism is established, the future development of school sports will reduce the worries of the future, and school conflicts will be much less."


   Liu Bo, director of the Sports Department of Tsinghua University, believes that the "Opinions" and the recent documents on the integration of sports and education are very targeted. It has seen the current problems and is also thinking of ways, and some measures are more specific.


   Liu Bo noticed the gradual increase in the scores of sports for the senior high school entrance examination and the start of the sports research for the college entrance examination. He said that sports scores in the senior high school entrance examination can be gradually improved, and some places have already begun to implement it.


   Zhong Bingshu, a professor at the Capital Institute of Physical Education, said that addition must be done at the same time as subtraction, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the goal of improving students' physical fitness. "Sports is only a part of life. Physical education cannot always be blamed for poor health. First of all, we must implement the burden reduction of other courses. If the existing assessment standards remain unchanged, one additional hour for physical education and one hour for aesthetic education is possible. It is counterproductive to good health."

首都体育学院教授钟秉枢说,加法必须与减法同时进行,否则很难达到提高学生身体素质的目的。 “体育只是生活的一部分。不能总是把体育运动归咎于身体不好。首先,我们必须减轻其他课程的负担。如果现有的评估标准保持不变,则体育课应增加一小时,体育课应增加一小时。进行美育是有可能的。它不利于身体健康。”

Chen Zhiyong, executive director of the New Era Youth Physical Health Promotion Center and the Executive Director of the New Era Sunshine Sports Action, said that the greatest value of the "Opinions" is at the level of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The four-in-one educational function of enjoying fun, strengthening physical fitness, improving personality, and tempering the will during exercise. However, he is also worried that it may be difficult to change the position of school sports in education for a long time with a single file.


   Although he is mentally prepared for the various challenges in the implementation of the "Opinions", Wang Dengfeng, Director of the Department of Sports, Health, and Arts of the Ministry of Education, believes that this document can change the face of school sports work. He said that after the publication of the document, the Ministry of Education will require all loc亚搏游戏下载appalities to formulate a three-year action plan, and use the method of supervision to urge all localities to implement the work. Regarding the concern that strengthening sports work will further increase the burden on students, he believes that the development of campus sports activities and sports competitions can just offset the negative impact of exam-oriented education. He also noticed that in some places, elementary and middle schools have achieved successful experiences in school sports, and the Ministry of Education will summarize and promote their practices.

教育部体育,卫生和艺术部主任王登峰虽然对实施《意见》时遇到的各种挑战有心理准备,但他认为该文件可以改变学校体育工作的面貌。 。他说,文件发布后,教育部将要求各地制定三年行动计划,并采用监督方式督促各地开展工作。关于加强体育工作会进一步增加学生负担的担忧,他认为校园体育活动和体育竞赛的发展可以抵消应试教育的负面影响。他还注意到,在某些地方,中小学在学校体育方面取得了成功的经验,教育部将总结并推广其做法。

"Education in the new era pursues the all-round development of people, and sports is the cornerstone of education. From the all-round development of people and the all-rou亚搏网appnd training of education, we have seriously neglected sports in the past and did not see its educational value. We I have only seen the cost of the decline in student physical fitness brought about by exam-oriented education and the lack of attention to sports, but it has not been raised to the height of improving the quality of the people. The new era requires us to have a higher understanding of sports." Wang Dengfeng said. (Finish)

“新时代的教育追求人的全面发展,体育是教育的基石。从人的全面发展和教育的全面培训来看,过去我们严重忽视了体育,我没有看到它的教育价值。我只看到了应试教育和缺乏对体育运动的关注而导致的学生体质下降的代价,但是它并没有上升到提高运动质量的高度。人们。新时代要求我们对运动有更高的了解。”王登峰说。 (完)

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